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About Fasil Khan

I serve as a life strategist for law enforcement personnel who want to better manage the job’s negativity, improve their personal and work relationships and start leading fulfilling and successful lives. I specialize in helping my clients figure out what they want out of life and exactly what they need to do in order to achieve the success they are after.

Through my work as a police officer with the Paterson NJ Police Department, I have witnessed first-hand the unique challenges faced by law enforcement personnel. I have seen how hopeless many officers feel, and I know that working this job takes an enormous emotional and physical toll over the years. After seeing so many of my fellow officers become mere shells of their former selves just a few years into the job, I knew I wanted to help stop the cycle.

In 2012, I made the decision to start coaching and mentoring law enforcement personnel. I received my professional coaching certification from the world-class Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and founded Khan Coaching as an organization dedicated to providing law enforcement officers with the tools and education necessary to better themselves, their lives and each other.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Law and Security. I graduated from Landmark Education's rigorous leadership programs in addition to graduating from iPEC's world renowned coaching school. I attended Tony Robbins' world-renowned seminar, "Unleash the Power Within,"and am also a follower of Dave Ramsey's teachings. Prior to founding Khan Coaching I served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve; served as a Sheriff's Officer in Bergen County NJ; and worked for a few years in the private sector as a sales consultant. Today I live in New Jersey where I enjoy working out, boxing, golf, trying new restaurants, reading and most of all making a difference in people's lives.


"Hi, my name is Danny and I have had the pleasure of working with Fasil a few months ago.  My experience with him was amazing.  What I loved and appreciated most about Fasil was his sincere concern for my troubled relationship with my dad which allowed me to fully trust him.  Because of this trust we were able to journey deep into the issue and get rid of it root and branch. His relentless patience and determination allowed me to overcome the obstacle that was blocking me from a more loving relationship with my dad. 

No matter what I tried to do I couldn’t spend 5 minutes with my Dad without us breaking into a verbal fight.  Fasil helped me see that I was unconsciously accusing my father of being a bad father.  We discovered that no matter what my Dad said to me I perceived it of being a verbal attack so I automatically tried to defend myself by attacking back.  Needless to say this kind of communication is not healthy.  We also discovered that I made my Dad feel like I didn’t respect him as a father and I felt like he didn’t respect me as a son.  After seeing the hopelessness of our relationship I went to may Dad and apologized for accusing him of being a bad father and that I respected and love him.  He gracefully accepted and told me how much he loved me.  Our relationship is not all peaches and cream today but it has improved drastically and we have since hung out at the movies, restaurants, and just watched TV together!  Fasil did not try to convince me or motivate me to do or think any which way.  He simply navigated me, with the right questions, to come up with my own solution.  It proved the fact that we have all the answers within and sometimes we need another to shed light on them.  I was also extremely impressed by his impeccable listening skills!  I can honestly say that I had a major breakthrough in my relationship with my Dad due to Fasil’s great coaching!"

~ Danny Raibaudo

"It was a pleasure working with Fasil, and most importantly, it made a meaningfully significant improvement in my life. Fasil has a very understated style, but it was very effective in guiding me beyond my maze of emotions and bring clarity to the underlying issues, and finally, in developing constructive solutions. I would highly recommend Fasil for any coaching opportunities, and especially so, for those who prefer a friendly but professional coach."

~ This client wishes to remain anonymous

"The overall presentation done by Fasil was great.  He expressed a well presentation on life motivation. I like that he gave a survey and other papers to students who felt they need a coach or someone to help them out if needed. I thought it was fantastic presentation and I look forward for more in the future. Thanks"

~ Davina Sharma

"Fasil Khan is an excellent coach who can help anyone get focused, motivated, and moving toward their goals. Fasil is an enthusiastic and supportive coach who understands the blocks that keep people from being their best. Working with Fasil has helped me identify my own obstacles and develop a clear path toward success. I would highly recommend Fasil to anyone who wants an effective coach in their corner."

~ Diana St. Lifer

"Dear Fasil - I want to thank you for helping me see the possibilities in my life more clearly. Your calm, confident approach along with your patience,  created the space where I felt comfortable and safe. As you know the past year has been a challenging one for me, so coaching could not have come at a better time.
As a result of my coaching sessions, I have much better understanding of who I am and energy that I bring to relationships in my life. This is a wonderful tool to have, and is making a difference for me every day. I am moving forward now with an entirely new view of myself as well as those around me. I have a much more open and positive view, and as result, I seem to be attracting more positive things.  

It works! Thanks coach! I will be sure to reach out to you in future if I need a boost"

~ Jeanine McCune

"Getting coached by Fasil was one of the best decisions I ever made. He taught me how to strategically solve my own problems whether they be big or small. I learned how to take baby steps towards my goals whether it be money management, weight loss, relationships etc. He is a very good listener and never once made me feel like my coaching topic was minor or meaningless.
 What I loved most about my coaching experience with him was realizing all the answers we need are within ourselves. Coaching with Fasil helped me train myself to become my own coach. I am very grateful for his time, sincerity and patience with me. I wish I had made the decision of being coached by him sooner!"

~ Zara Khawaja