8 Mandates to the Law and Order of Life



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Morris County Police Academy



Healthy Eating Habits for Cops

Khan Coaching in New Jersey talks about healthy eating for busy cops.

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Fasil Khan of Khan Coaching discusses the ways to balance shift work and stress associated with law enforcement to ensure that officers are maintaining an overall level of wellness.

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Characteristics of Sucess

Fasil Khan of Khan Coaching shares some insights on his recent presentation at the ASIS Women in Leadership Symposium in New Jersey.

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Holistic Model of Wellness

Khan Coaching illustrates the holistic model of wellness.

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Guns aren't the only things killing cops

The public does not realize—in fact, police themselves may not realize—that the dangers police officers are exposed to on a daily basis are far worse than anything on "Law and Order."

"Police officers are exposed to danger from so many different elements—many of them unexpected—that they are dying not just on the job, but for the job," says University at Buffalo epidemiologist John Violanti, PhD, an expert on police culture, psychological stress, illness and mortality. And they are dying younger than the rest of us. A previous Violanti study found that on average, the life expectancy of  was significantly lower than the U.S. male population—a result, he suggests, of the exceptionally high and protracted degree of job-related stress.

In Violanti's latest book, "Dying for the Job: Police Work Exposure and Health" (Charles C. Thomas Pub. Ltd, 2014), he and several other authors from the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Centers for Disease Control, explore these unusual health risks. It's not a pretty picture.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-04-guns-arent-cops.html#jCp